Class-action lawsuit approved for B.C. commercial halibut fishers
B.C. court certifies halibut class-action suit By Michael Mui, 24 Hours Vancouver Wednesday, February 19, 2014 3:23:55 PST PM A class-action lawsuit has been approved for B.C. commercial halibut fishers [...] Read more ›
Commercial Halibut Fishing Filed Certification Order of Madam Justice Griffin

Meldon ellis – Lawyer for the plaintiff. Commercial Halibut Fishing – Certification Order of Madam Justice Griffin. Commercial-Halibut-Fishing_Filed-Certification-Order-of-Madam-Justice-Griffin-00403443xB33C8

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Ellis Lawyers New Web Site

We have updated our web site making browsing, on your portable devices, simple and clean. If you have any problems viewing our content please contact our web developer Charon O’Brien — WE RESOLVE […]

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New Web Site 2015!
Thank you for your patience as we update our web site! We can always be reached directly at: Tel: 604-688-7344 Email: We offer the following services: Business Dispute Resolution Business [...] Read more ›
Welcome to Ellis Business Lawyers

Our firm is led by Meldon Ellis, an experienced businessman and trial lawyer who has also owned, operated and led several businesses ranging from a small retail start-up to leading […]

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