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Ellis Business Lawyers provides a full range of commercial and retail and consumer debt collection services for both domestic and international business clients. For international clients we can advise you on the commercial debt collection process in British Columbia, outline your alternative options and when needed, we can act for you to start collections proceedings and represent your interests at each stage of the process from filing suit to executing on judgments.

We think about debt collection from a business perspective. Many things including how a business handles collections matters with customers and clients affect business reputations. At EBL we understand the value to our clients of knowing their collections issues are handled in a professional, courteous and constructive manner. In addition, to offering traditional litigation assistance, we are experienced in effective pre and post-judgment collections strategies that include alternatives to the litigation process. Because we know there is often more than one way to cost-effectively secure your business objectives, we provide regular status reports and updates so you know how a matter is progressing and can assess your options on an ongoing basis.

We know that litigation is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, we take full advantage of the new Fast-Track amendments to the British Columbia Supreme Court Rules and ADR techniques, particularly negotiation and mediation. Meldon Ellis is trained as a mediator in BC and has enjoyed considerable success in mediating resolutions to commercial business disputes.

For more information about how commercial and retail and consumer debt collection works in British Columbia and how Ellis Business Lawyers can help you with your business collections issues please contact us at or call us directly at 604.688.7374.

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